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I believe I was touched more on a personal level because I had a change of heart spiritually." Spirituality has more to do with relationships than with individual activities.

We are told the biggest spiritual problem in American today is boredom, which is lack of meaningful relationships.

When Maxine is trying to undress herself on the bed, after Bambi drops her home very drunk, we see her with stockings in one scene and then they have immediately disappeared in the next shot.

See more » True to its title, 2009's "Women In Trouble" is about a bunch of women in an assortment of trouble.

Think "The Hours" (2002) with a group of vaguely uneasy women exploring the mysteries of female discontent and finding some solace from shared confidences.

Not a lot of physical humor, nor good acting, nor impressive production design.

Even in the painful darkness and loneliness of a couple whose love has turned cold, people can find God in the very longing to be reunited, healed, and whole.

More attention is given to weddings than to living the sacrament of marriage in daily life.

A billboard in my city wisely reads "Loved the wedding.

She participated in an alienated Catholics support group for seven years, determined there was no way she would have a church wedding.

After making the Retrouvaille program, Arlene said: "This is the first time I have experienced a church that cared." She added that she was "really impressed by the fact that the church was getting involved with people in their hurt and pain.

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