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The company had no common technology platform for sharing information about customer contacts and sales opportunities, each unit had their own.Allied Signal initiated organizational change by deploying customer resource management (CRM) software.Many companies embraced the idea of sustainability in the last decade, but many initiatives fail leading to wasted resources and frustration.Bob Doppelt spent three years researching how the leaders of both private and public organizations that have initiated and sustained programs designed to approach them.Finally, steps to make sure the new state remains permanently implemented.If the change is not effective, the process starts over.Developmental changes are the improvements of existing skills, methods, performance standards or conditions that do not measure up to current or future needs.

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Effective change management includes the senior executives active participation and includes: Executing change is necessary within your organization. Therefore, it is important to involve your people when you re-assess and re-align your organizations aims, beliefs, integrity.Through research, Lewin created a three-step procedure for change Bringing about change requires unfreezing the present social system, which might require some kind of reconfiguration, a process, or re-education.Next behavioral movement must occur in the direction of the desired change, such as reorganization.This will help them to become more interested in learning the required new skills and enacting the details required by the change.Consulting with people a good idea and it will help you to avoid wrong assumptions.

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