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) and it's a nuisance to have to copy and paste URLs so I parsed that list into one with link tags and put it here: thought the same at first, but is Argentina doing something abnormal with ar and ar? The countries that mix everything like tend to lose some vital functionality.Also with all its deficiencies, the Argentinean NIC is free, as in free you confirmed that all listed domain has been banned .From time to time they may actually write something useful and informative. ]It's not true that killed stories can't be seen by anyone except the submitter.Would summarizing it with a link to the original be an acceptable post? I don't have a lot of popular blogs like CH in my feed reader, but I rely on others to let me know when Jeff writes something I would find interesting. They can be seen by everyone else who has showdead turned on.There's been a few cases recently where I found an interesting article to submit here and was unable to submit it.

I did want to browse some of these sites just to see why they might be banned ( How is it "abnormal" to keep the same hierarchy as the main hierarchy?

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Hi swombat, Regarding gawker, as I remember, there was a discussion here whether to ban it, and most people were for the ban.

The reason was the low quality of journalism and defamation tendencies in some of its articles. Techcrunch is indeed pretty nasty sometimes, and I have criticised them here before, but it would be utterly ridiculous if hacker news, a news site for startups, banned one of the preeminent startup blogs.

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