Rasheed wallace intimidating ref

The last two years, the Pistons have asked Mc Dyess to come off the bench and not only provide energy, but to be one of the main scoring options.

There will be no DNPs this year.' " -- Rob Peterson Rasheed Wallace, of course.

When people look back at the Pistons' 2006-07 season, they may remember with fondness the 53 wins which earned the Pistons the No. They may remember how the team survived the free agent departure of Ben Wallace and how Chris Webber made a difference in the middle of the season.

But everything the Pistons accomplished last season came crashing down in the final moments of Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Finals.

Suddenly, there were questions: Would Chauncey stay or bolt in free agency?

What of the relationship between Rasheed Wallace and coach Flip Saunders, which at times, seemed strained?

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