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Examples of router and modem brands that might use 192.1 in their configuration include Cisco Linksys, Netgear, TP-Link, ASUS, D-Link, Netcomm, Zyxel, Edimax, Belkin, Thomson, and hundreds more.

In other times 192.1 may fall in a reserved IP range whose scope could be set aside for use in software, subnets, and private networks.

Just wondering if anyone is applying for the step up to social care programme or has already finished it.

The text is made out of small sequences and verses from Darraðarljóð (Song of Darraðar), a chapter in Njáls saga.

Also wondering how much volunteering/relevant paid work experience previous successful Step Up candidates had when they applied for the course?

I don't have much experience with children, I completed 2 weeks as nursery assistant but that was in 2008 Planning to volunteer this month before I finish my application. I have a 2:1 in BA English Language and Linguistics, a grade C in Maths and grade A in English.

I'm really fond of the singing and especially the fiddle sequence nearly midway through the song above, "Battle of Brothers", produced by composer Trevor Morris for History Channel's series Vikings.

I thought it was somewhat difficult to hear the lyrics properly, but ever since I heard it in the background during a violent battle scene at the beginning of the second season, I was pretty sure it concerned my namesakes, the valkyries.

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